A better chat experience

A healthy social network is critical to a person's mental health.
Multiple connections and constant communication are fundamental to a person’s well being.

Inmates have difficulty establishing and maintaining social networks because they lack the tools to do so.

The hardware and software available to inmates today is outdated and faulty.
Most importantly, any cost imposed on communication in effect inhibits it.

Kiwichat is built to help incarcerated persons maintain and grow their support network.

Kiwi offers secure chat, so people can more easily engage with and maintain relationships with those on the inside

Community engagement

KiwiChat drives insane usability on both sides of the chat platform, engagement with those incarcerated is enriched and support networks strengthened.
Community engagement
Technology upgrade

With an App Marketplace, app democratization kicks into effect.

In order to expose the incarcerated to the best possible technology and content available, Kiwi's App Marketplace provides a structure for 3rd party applications to be embedded in and available on the Kiwi platform

KiwiChat is on a mission

to change the way the world interacts with those who are incarcerated.